Donation Wall

One of the four walls in the physical display room will be designated as a donation wall. The purpose of this wall is to incentivize individuals to donate money by recognizing them and making them forever a part of the physical display. There are three levels of sponsorships displayed on the WALL.


All donations will be made through the MCAF (Mt. Carmel Athletic Foundation) and are tax-deductible. ALL monies donated to the Hall of Fame will be used to pay for the physical display, outreach, and induction ceremonies. Any money remaining after those costs are covered will be used for athletic and campus enhancement projects determined by the Administration, Athletic Director, and ASB Director. For more information or to become a WALL DONOR, please contact AD Greg Lanthier at [email protected] 858-484-1180 ext. 3109

Sundevil Club $2,500

4” by 6” framed picture. This picture can be anything the donor would like from individual picture, group picture, family picture, or company logo sponsorship

Gold Club $1,000

1” by 4” engraved plate. Example: John Jones, or John Jones Family

Scarlet Club $500

Framed 8” by 11” text list of donors